Friday, June 29, 2018


Well Heaters should only be use  in cold weathers because if you have to heat on too 100 degrees all year around any bodies houses can get on fire.

Maybe heaters should be created different like lets say it's cold out side and you have the heater on to 100 degree even if heaters are on that high no house can get on fire because heaters will be created different.

 And even if the room might get hotter the heaters will stay cool.

In the future people can make the rooms how hot how ever they want because heaters will be created different.

 These days if the heater is on too high it can make a fire because the room will get hotter and the heater will get hotter to.

I try to clean the base board heater it was hard to clean in the future cleaning machines will be attach to the base board heater also water and soap and the base board cleaning machine with clean the base board heater and there will be no more dust in the base board heaters.

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