Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Workout Machines

It's good to workout. And some people can do 100 push or left weights sometimes people might lose track on how many push ups they can do sit up and lifting weights and leg press also pull ups.

In the Future let say there are machines and you do push ups and you lose track.

 The machine screen with have your name or any one names and the machine screen will really tell how many lifting weights you did pull ups,push ups,leg press,bench press our even chest press.

Lets say you chest press 90 pounds the machine screen will tell any body how many they really did and for example if you do 1 push up the machine screen with say 1 if you do 100 push ups the machine screen with say 100.

Lets say you lift weights or do pull ups and leg press 40 time the machine screen with say 40 if you keep doing more leg press,lifting weights or even pull ups the numbers will go up.

Lets say you run outside out door machine that have a screen will tell any body how many miles they ran or how many times they jog and ran.

Lets say you did chest press if you did 2 the machine screen will say 2 if you really did 300 the machine will say 300.

Lets say you do boxing and you throw punches and kicks and if you do 100 of them the machine screen will say 100.

Also the machines screen will tell you how strong or weak you are and if you want to know the strongest people in the planet the machine with show you and tell you some work out machine will be like i pads.

So that is my opinion how work out machines will be in the future like thousands of years into the future.

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