Thursday, April 4, 2019


Some people buy wigs for Halloween Costume and other buy it because they have no hair or they have very short hair.

When wigs are to long some people cut it and others keep it long. I A long time ago wigs do not look as good as they do these days because probably the technology for making Wigs is more advanced these days.

Maybe in the future people will put chemicals in wigs so the wig hair will grow back or change color wigs hairs will grow back because people will put this safe chemical so the hair will grow back.

Their should also be water proof wigs for example lets say you bald and your going to the pool and you do not want people to know you bald they will have a water proof wig for back up.

And you can swim in the pool with the wig on if you want. That is my opinion how wigs will be like in the future.

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