Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Computer passwords

People these days need to put in their computer password and their Email Address. If people do not have it yet the computer machine will give people a password.

 Even if a person types in the correct password or address it still might say the Incorrect password because some thing is not right with the website.

For example lets say you type in your correct password to get on to Nickelodeon.com it might say Incorrect password some time because not all websites are perfect.

In the future if you login to a website and if you type in your correct password or address then website will always say correct password even if the website is not working because computer will be created different.

If you want to type in the search engine and a blog and your computer the computer will read your mind on what you would like to see on the computer this is my opinion how future computers will be and the machine attach to the computer will type for people of what they want to write because the computer will read peoples minds.

Or if you do not know who steal some thing or throw stuff like glass at peoples cars they will be out side computer camera's so the person knows who steeled their stuff and who throw stuff at their car. Final they can so the police on the out door computer camera's.

Also if you want to call 911 the phone will read you mind of who you want to call and type the correct phone number to the correct person. That is my opinion how the future phones will be. If you want to draw on you phone it will look as good as the cartoons on TV that is how the future phones and i pads will work these days they are not modern enough to do that.

For example if you try to draw a cartoon on the phone or the I pad they drawing will not look good because it was not made to make things look detailed in the future they will in my opinion.


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