Monday, August 21, 2017


It is good to Print out stuff from the printers. If you print too much their will be no more ink and the picture will just be a blank and the picture will look plan and white.

 These days that is how printers work in the future printers will be like you can print as much as you want.

These days you have to pay money and  if you want to get more ink you have to pay the Cartridges who ever that created the printers.

Lets say if the printer cost 40 dollars you do 40 times 10 that will equal to 400 dollars and if you Multiply 400 and 3 that will equal to 1,200 dollars if you have the printer for years.

In the future I hope people will not have to pay cartridges to get more ink for the printer the printer will make ink by it self because people will created to be like that.

Who ever that created the printer and if some one has it is there's. If they pay for a printer and it's made very well it should be only a cent and it would be cheaper in the future. 

Printers will be like that in the future because printer will keep on making more and more ink and even if the printer is broken it will have machine that will fix the broken printer and the machine in the future if there broken will fix them selves because people will create that in the future.

Printers will also be like lets say if you want to paint your whole wall and if you do not feel like it first you go on to your cartoon software then you draw on the cartoon soft ware final you click the print button and you art work will be on your wall.

Lets say if you can not draw on the cartoon soft ware and you do not want to draw you can just imagine how you art work will be like and you art work will look like how it did in you imagination and final the soft ware can save your work and it can print for you and you art work will be on the wall to.

Put before people can do that the printer and the plug has to be plug into the wall in a type of way and final your art work will be on the wall it will be like painting the wall except the print will print your art work on you wall.

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