Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Water proof art Stuff

Any thing should be water proof because we live on a planet with water. Pencils, pens, erasers, chalk, paper and canvas and draw cases and drawing wood should all be water proof.

Lets say if you drop your paint picture in the water and it will not be destroyed  because the paint picture will be create different. any thing should be water proof and including TV should be water proof.

If you have a water proof computer it will have all cartoon animation software on your desktop on your computer.

 All buildings and house should be water proof and these days they are water proof. The wires outside that help with the technology should be water proof to. Also Buses, Cars and vans, and Planes should be all water proof in the future.

In my opinion the Future cars and buses or vans will be like it will be driving on land but if it's stuck in traffic he person that is driving the car can go under the water with out people getting wet.

The future planes will be like it will fly and it can go under the ocean to. All of those vehicles should be water proof and not do pollution to the Earth in fact it would be good for this planet any thing will be more modern and be good for this planet.

Instead if black smoke coming out of vehicles and make people hard to breath all vehicles will had fresh air coming out of the vehicles to make them move and people can put their face close to all vehicles because all vehicles will have fresh air coming out of the car instead of the smoke that can make air pollution.

Also books should be water proof to and after it drops into the water the book with be find and not destroyed just like paper after paper or canvases are in the H2O the paper will be good and any body can draw on the water proof papers after they get wet.

If clothes get wet for hours in the future they will not grow mold because clothes will be made different.

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