Saturday, August 26, 2017

Vechicles in the future

This is my opinion how all vehicles all over the planet will be like in the future.

So if a car is broken on the high way the out door machine will pop out of the high way ground will fix the car if in the middle of the highway and the car will be as good as new if highway machine fix cars.

If the brown cars are on the sides of the highway the highway machines will pop out of the ground to fix any vehicles that are broken and final the car will go quicker then ever and it will be fix as good as new.

And people start making cars that are good for this environment and the car drives by it self and you click in the i pad thing and the car with drive on were you want to good not just cars will be like that buses, boat, ship, trains and plane or even Helicopters will have this i pad thing that people press on where they want to go and those vehicles will take any body to the correct place.

 If they do not know the way. Those machines with not crash. My mother does not trust them because its machines that drive people by if self and she is afraid that the car with blow up and have know control because it's machine the drive people and machines break.

Maybe scientist should try to make machine last longer and can not break and even if it does the machines all over the planet in the future can fix them selves because people will create machine more modern like that.

If they do people will not get hurt because there will be air bags that no body can get hurt including babies will not get hurt and no vehicles will blow up if there is a crash in the future because it will be good for this planet.

In the future there will be out door machine that are good for this planet to fix the vehicles as good as new and if there is snow on the road the out door machine will clean up all of the snow by it self because the way people create machine in the future.

And no machine will break in the future if the earth ends and machines will not break in the future until the wold ends because people will create all machines different more modern and less a lot longer. And I don't how hard people try to break those machines no body can break machine in the future.

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