Saturday, January 21, 2017

More Technology

Television in the future would be like a huge flat television screen put the thing is it would have typing keys on you bed or close to your couch This is my opinion how TV's would be like in the future.

This is how TV's would be in the future but not television's you have to walk up from the couch turn it on or off going press the remote.

This is how on demand works on the TV screen it would have a key board for you and click on the letter's for example lets say I what to look for my favorite show The Loud House all I have to do is press the middle button and the write letters would pop up on the screen.

So lets say a Machine is old and you do not know how old it is people would make this machine that you put in you hand press the button and the screen would say the number and you will know how old really a machines is not just machines buildings to.

Lets say if you parents is driving in the car out side your car window you see  houses and cars and you pick up the machine put it into your hands click the button the screen would show you how old the cars and Buildings really are.

Also The machine screen would say what kind of problems did this building have mold, water,breaking or fire and electric problems.

People would not here the machine talk unless if the person presses the speaking button and the machine will read for them but you have to turn it off if you are not using it because it will break.

You know if you use a machine to much it would break if you use the same machine people should create different machines that can not break as easy.

Work out machine you would not left heavy weights and get you self tired very quick work out machines would be like if you gym teacher presses the button you will feel sweaty not out of breath because the machine is doing it for you.

Lets say you are lifting dun bells or bar bells now people get out of breath when they do those but if there's and machine attach to the dun bell or bar bell and you take healthy medicine even when your not use to working  out you will feel like working out and would not get out of breath.

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