Friday, January 13, 2017

More About my school

So I did videos in film that is the subject of this school. I take that class on Monday and Wednesdays. So I asked this film teacher "May I put my stage name on there." they said "no put your real name." I ask them because I do not want people to know my real name.

Not just that my address and where I live. I do this video about music I wrote the Loud House music I also wrote that who stared writing the them song.

And I also write about my celebrity Nat Wolff. That day I was going to do animation but some on already choose animation so I choosing music Because I love to sing and stuff. Today I got to choose Animation I wrote my favorite character on the show is Clyde McBride.

So I did this video at my school Academy 360. It was called TCI That stands for The Children's Institute. I ready like that school.

On The Last day of school I would like to do a video that is not going on YouTube nut the whole school to see. I want the video to be about what children did this year and the scene will say the students name then it would show what they are doing and what there favorite stuff is.

Like If they scene says My name it would show what I did and what I liked and show my own blog and I would Love for it to have music in the back round like new music not music from the 1960's because it's 2016.

The old president knew about my school all the children wanted to write do you know that famous person and do you know this celebrity.

The teacher said "no come on guys he's the president." I was upset when she said that so I wrote in guidance counseling she let me wrote the letter I spoke to her about the whole story. We were writing to Barack

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