Thursday, January 19, 2017

Create more hair stuff

Like lets say if a person do not want dread locks any more it takes five people to get the locks out.

 It might feel very painful because five people is taking pressure on you head and to much of it is not good it can hurt you neck!

So I heard that from some people at my old school. there was a time that I wanted my hair to be straight and get my African locks out.

 Then as I got older I started to be proud of my own African hair and love it what ever God gave me.

People should make this healthy shampoo for hair that can take locks and tangles out.

People should give it a name like the unlocked shampoo if you have dreads that need to come out if they do not look nice.

 Or put the shampoo on your hair if you do not want dread lock and your hair with still be very long if you want it long and the untangle shampoo.

All the person has to do is get one person to wash your hair put the shampoo on your hair then the dreads with come out next you hair would be an afro.

 Finally if you want you can straighten your own hair. If people create this shampoo's you do not have to go to the beauty salon.

If you are home all you have to do is but the shampoo on and the dreads will be unlocked whether you have dreads for a day or for 20 years then after you can straighten your hair.

The hair chemicals for straighten hair is not good for the hair. Maybe if people can make the chemicals healthy to put in black people's hair then black people would straighten there own hair and in will not break off.

Like just the some as white people the chemicals is not healthy for they hair to be curly but if people make this healthy chemical to make whites or Asian's peoples hair to be curly it would be curly and the hair will not get damaged.

Most people have a lot of black DNA the first people were from Africa and you want to know why people do not have fur they have skin they did not even invited clothes yet so that's why they lived in hot weather because if you have no clothes on in the cold weather you can get sick and nobody likes the cold.

If people are node they like to be in hot weather because the hot weather was like there blanket back then when they did not have any clothes.

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