Monday, January 16, 2017

Create more new stuff

This is what I think should happen. If you go to school with no clothes on or did not brush your teeth people should create this machine that others can not see and the machine would cover you then it would brush you teeth for you and put you clothes on then you do not have to get in trouble by the school.

After they school uses the machines those people would have to press the off button if they are not using it so the machines do not lose power and those machines would turn on if children are ready for school.

Like the machine would be better for this Earth for example If you do not have time to bush you teeth and put you clothes on there would be machines all round they machines would be outside or in houses and schools buses.

So if a person is still node other people would not see they child naked all they see is a machine and they do not see the child after the child has good smelling breath and they are dressed.

 The students and teacher would not even know one child is naked because people create machine all around that would dress and brush there teeth for them.

The outside machine would not be up in space or up in the sky but close to buildings vacuoles or outside People would not even know why they machine are covering a person.

Some probably probably know why because  people are smart enough to know that those people did not have time to put clothes on yet if the person clothes are on the machine will go up and others would see that person with there clothes on.

In The future people would create machine like that in my own opinion. I know the machines would not be up in the air because people do not fly unless the have a plane or a machine that that people create who can make it fly.

 Or calculators would read your mind if you think of a number that you want to subtract you do not have to type the numbers in all you have to do is let the calculator read you mind and it would add it for you and you would get the corrector answer that is how future calculators would work in my opinion.

If you want to know who you ancestor's where well there would be this website that you did not have to gave you parents name or email address all the website has to do is read you mind and if you do not have an email address the website would gave it to you.

The website would show you this video on who you ancestor's really where. This is how the website works scientist would create the website like the skies air would hit the wire let nature hit the wire.

 Not make others machines that would not show you who you ancestor's really where because  you got to let nature hit the wire not make other machines that tries to show others who their ancestors where it would not work.

For example scientist try to make machines that shows people who there ancestors where it would not work this is what scientist should do make those wires that lets air and stuff that comes from nature hit the wire and the website would show who your ancestors really where.

For example it's like Gods is giving the wire to let his air touch the wire because God knows Every thing and people in the whole planet would know who they ancestors really where.

 that goes to your computer and on the website you would see who you ancestor's that are blood relative really were.In the future  is what I think how website would work

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