Monday, November 19, 2018

Vacuum Outlet

Some peoples cars are dirty in the inside of their car in the future there will be a Vacuum outlet inside of the car.

All cars or any vehicle and buildings in the future will have a vacuum outlet. For example lets say their is dirt or leaves in any car the driver in the car has to press the button and the vacuum outlet will suck up all the leaves and dirt and put it outside and peoples cars will be clean on the inside.

Those will be called Vehicle vacuum outlets. The Vehicle vacuum outlets suck up all the dirt or leaves in any vehicles and the vehicle vacuum outlet will blow the dirt outside of any vehicle.

Just like if any building or house and school if it has a vacuum out let they will be called building vacuum outlets and the building vacuum outlets will suck up all of the dirt or leaves and dist in any building or house and the building vacuum outlets will blow all of the dist and leaves or dirt out side of the house or building and into the garbage can.

Vacuum Outlets will be inside of all buildings and house and all vehicles as well. So people will not have to vacuum the whole house any more because of the vacuum outlets vacuums the whole house or vehicles for anybody. There will be more then one vacuum outlet in all houses buildings,schools or vehicles.

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