Friday, November 16, 2018

Machines That will check out how old really each house, building or vechicles are and how People will Know what will really happen the future and what really happened in the past.

Well some people do not know how old every vehicle or building is in the future Scientist will make machines that can tell any body how old any vehicle or building really is.

For example lets say your want to know how old each building are vehicle really is  on the machine screen will really tell and body how old is the buildings,house or vehicles really are.

Also there will be this special TV that will really so people what happened in the past and whats going to happen in the future. This is how this special TV screen works first the atmosphere has to touch the TV wires then the TV screen has to Calculate on how far in time you want to go back.

For example you type on The TV screen about The first people on this Earth and The TV will really show people how the first people really looked like. Lets say you type whats going to happen in the future the TV screen will really show people whats really gonna to happen in the future.

The atmosphere has to touch the TV wires because the first people where around when there was Earth's Atmosphere and the will be Earth's atmosphere still in the future.

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