Saturday, November 17, 2018

Machines will build houses and vehicles for people

Well these days people build vehicles and houses and buildings. Old house are made better then new house these days because of the technology we have.

In the future machine will build all vehicles and buildings very well.

 In the future new house will be built a lot better then the old houses because Scientist will create the machines to build house or any building to be very strong.

Also the House building machines will build house so they can not knock down even if there is a
Tornado or an huge Earth Quake.

Also machines will build all vehicles to be very strong as well. The machines will also build cars or any building to be lava proof and fire proof.

 If scientist can make machines that can build buildings  and vehicles to be fire proof or fire proof no vehicles and build will get burned by fire or lava.

Everything will be water proof,fire proof or lava proof in the future.

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