Wednesday, July 3, 2019


Yuking is a word I made up and it means for example Lets say You are in gods mind and God imagines you pregnant If you exist in Fantasy They will call you pregnant in fantasy.

 But if you are no longer in fantasy and you became a real person and if your are pregnant in reality in fantasy they will say your not pregnant anymore your child is dying and becoming a real person That is called Yuking.

So this is how it goes First Got had to Imagine every bodies Parents pregnant then If God wants your parent to become a real person and final your parent is a real person but you are still in Gods fantasy and if God Decides if he wants you to become a real person He puts you in your mothers stomach and final you become a real person.

Yuking and Pregnant are similar but not the same it's different. Real people are the ancestors of the cartoon so before they are real people they are like a cartoon in Gods fantasy and Gods fantasy is every ones fantasy because the same God created all of us

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