Thursday, July 18, 2019

The Un choke machine

The Un choke Machines get out the thing that you choked on for example lets say you are in a house by you self.

 And you are choking  on something and you can not breath get the un choke machine put the tube in your mouth press the machine button and the machine will get out what ever you are choking on.

They will have those un choke machines in the future and these days if you choke on some thing you get another person to help.

Our descendants will say back in 1900's and 2019 if you choke they get other person to help you now in 3019 we use this un choke machines so other person will not have to help if a person is choking.
People will have un choke machines in there house school or even hospitals in the future.

That is my opinion how people will handle choking in the future because stuff keeps gettig more advanced every day and every year.

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