Sunday, February 19, 2023

The MMA Pregnant woman story that I made up

MMA Pregnant woman is about I woman named Tam and she was training in martial arts since she was a toddler and now she is 1 week pregnant she earned her second degree black belt and she has special needs but she is very High Funtioning.

One time on the news There was this other woman Name Via that wants to have kids but could not have any children. Via killed so many pregnant women and stold other women babies and kills the baies when they get older or when Via feels like the babies that she stold are talking back to her.

Tam saw that on the news and one day Tam went to the store and she felt some one grab her and it was Via The same lady who can ot have babies kills baby and pregnant women.

She tried to put Tam in her car But Tam that is pregnant uses her martial arts skills to fight Via. Then Via tried to kill Tam but Tam was fighting and beating up Via.

Then The Police came and Via was send to life in prison. Tam was on the news and The news said The pregnant woman with special needs was able to fight Via The killer off. Every body was clapping for Tam becuase she was the first pregnant woman who was able to fight off a murder thanks to her martial arts skills. Tam did not go to jail instead people where happy that she was able to protect her self and she tought other pregnant women how to fight when I murder trys to kill them.

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