Tuesday, December 13, 2022

You eyes are bigger than your stomach

 People say are you eyes bigger then your stomach. My joke is Mens Stomachs are bigger than they eyes and woman eyes are bigger then their stomach. For example I big strong guy eats five plates of food and he is fine and not full but if a small skinny girl tries to eat that much food she probably will vomit.

Men are supposed to eat more then women because men are designed to have big stomachs and women are degined to have big eyes.

I am not saying men can not get full but in my opinion women get more full then men because women are usually smaller framed.  

Mens stomachs are bigger then womens and women eyes are bigger then mens eye. I say that is a figure of speech because usually men eat more then women especelly big strong men like The Rock.

The Rocks stomach is bigger then my stomach big my eyes are bigger then his eyes.

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