Wednesday, May 4, 2022

The Broken DNA

Now this is a story I made up. Once their was a boy name walter and he tooken a Vaccine that with stop the Qumut Virus which is much worse then the Covid virus and he took the Qumut Vaccine and 3 days later he was very sick and the doctors said your DNA is broken.

Walter said  could this kill me the Doctor said it's very life treatening because you need DNA to surive and now we only have a few days to fix it. Walter said can you fix it and the doctor said we could try but it would be very inpossible to fix a DNA.

The Doctor said I know you want to protect your self from the virus but you can died from the vaccine too and the vaccine is probably the case that your DNA is broken.

The Doctor never heard of a broken DNA before and The DNA inside of walter body broke in pieces and now he has to live in a machine for the rest of his life to keep him alive that is the only way he is going to live a long live for now on.

If you turn the machine off it could kill him but if you live it on you will live a long life the doctor said keep it on at all times.

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