Wednesday, February 9, 2022

My story Of The woman driving the bus and the Lady in the pink car

I made up this story and this is how the story goes. There was a lady driving The little Miss sunshine bus and her name is Riley she was driving and a pink car cut in front of her for no reason to get to the parking spot.

Riley was so mad and said to The Lady in the pink car Name Luisa " I was waiting for that spot!"  Lusia said " My car is better then yours and that is why I cut you off lady."  So those two women got into a huge argument and Luisa slap Riley and Riley was beat Luísa up.

Luísa's car

Riley's bus 

Luisa had to go to the hospital. Luisa is like a spoiled little princess and a rich girl who can not fight and Riley was like the kind a lady that grew up poor and had a very hard life and i a high yellow belt in martial arts.
Luisa had a easy life and she can afford a new pink car while Riley grew up poor she she only afford a old yellow bus. Luisa is a woman with Blond hair and blue eyes while Riley is a woman with black hair and brown eyes.

This story is teaching you is never okay to cut off someone who is driving for no reason because is rude and some people can be like that. and the story also teaches us that if you think you have a better car then some one else do not cut the off while driving because it pisses people off and the can be dangerous and you can get into a car accident.

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