Tuesday, December 1, 2020

YouTube Kids

 Well I never watch The YouTube Kids app but I heard it has some inappropriate  videos on that app. I heard that from parents on the video for example The show Peppa Pig it shows her going to the dentist on the real Peppa Pig but The fake Peppa Pig had some inappropriate stuff on that video. 

Let talk about Paw Patrol it shows he fake version of it and the fake version talks about death and stuff. I think They made YouTube Kids because Regular Youtube has already inappropriate stuff on their app. So their use You tube Kids for back up.

I saying people say you should delete the app. Well actually it's not the apps fault it's who every who's uploading videos to that app.

For example Do not delete the YouTube Kids app delete the the person that is uploading videos to that app.

Just the same for regular YouTube. Their are sick videos and sick people online and those people should not be on the internet in fact they should be kicked off the internet.

Anybody that post sick or inappropriate video on the internet or even Youtube or Youtube Kids those all sick videos like You Tube Poop or even if someone puts a virus on your computer should be in the prison browser. The app is not dangerous it's the people who put videos on the site. You Tube Poop is like that use the real cartoon and make it into a inappropriate video.

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