Saturday, November 14, 2020

The history of art


Before people use to draw on caves that is when art first started and the Egyptians drew there art on the pyramid's. 

Before people drew on caves they had to image how there drawing will look like. The cavemen where very creative. Then people drew on paper will a pencil. Next they drew on canvas like the Mona Lisa painting was painted on Canvas.

Now these day every body draws on the computer or a drawing i pad. Let talk about sculpting before people sculpt and do 3D art on the computer the sculpt with there hands and sculpt cartoon with their hands with clay.

I wonder what will people draw with in the future I mean after drawing on the computer. Well people draw on the computer and on laptop but that is a good question. Maybe people will hook the laptop to the TV and people will do digital art on the TV.

What will people draw with after their draw there digital art on the TV well maybe they won't be TV any more it will be like a machine similar to a TV that you can work in to and you can do your digital art in that machine you can walk into.

Some people do craft with paper and glue in the future everybody will do arts and crafts on the computer or on the TV. In the future it will become digital arts and crafts or digital origami.

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