Monday, December 16, 2019

Parents with 2-9 children at the same time

 Meg and Trina Zena with their parents Blake Zena and Karia Hander Zana

  Ara and Gerald with their three girls Gana, Ragina and Abby

 Wanda and Max there daughters Cortnie, Gloria, Maggie and Martha

  5 sisters named Narean, Gabby, Lancey, Templea and Ola

Xim and Nikeesha daughters Vanessa, Akeelah , Madison, Alex, Alexa  and Nijah

 Riley and Frankle's daughters , Cortinie, Cindy, Sydney, Portria, Payton, Chole and Polly

 Latisha Barna and Lawrance Black with there 8 girls named Chelese, Mandie,Kim, Kimberley, Kimmy, Yorabeth, Elizabeth and Mindy

 Monaca and Lance with their 9 girls named Katelyn, Katie, Jen, Flicka, Templea, Franchechca, Emma, Emily and Cortnie.

Angle and Darrold with twin boys Riley and Hamishso

 Meosha and Luke's 3 boy's Shavery and Lucas and Luko  

 Chad and Laine with 4 boys Chad Jr, Lucas, Justin and August

Out soned Out Soned Haley and Shane with their 5 sons Jim, Jinny, Marvin, Vin Vin, Gib and their oldest son Shane Jr.

 Apolla and Luno with there 6 sons and one Nephew Luno Jr. Muno, Jake,Brain, Ryan and Tate 

Kip and Calajahs 7 sons Kippy,Kippo, Kip Jr. Kippese,Kippor, Cammy and River

Max and Harriet with there 8 boys Max Jr.,Harry, Harvey, Nijeer, Neptuno,Nem, Memo and Lawrance.

Nequeesha and Shanes nine boys Fine, Phineas, Dill, Dillin, Shane Jr., Pete, Carl, Luthur, Zekey and Male

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