Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Mrs. Champion

Mrs.Champion was a girl who was poor and her name was Dina Strong and Strong was her birth name. Dine Strong's mother name is Tina Strong and Her mother was a boxier and her mother was a boxier because she know she can get a lot of money.

Dina's Strong became a boxier and she married a guy that is a wrestler has name was Dan Champion and That is when Dina changed her name to Mrs.Champion. Dina's mother's name is Mrs.Strong and she tell her family her birth name but if it's strangers she keeps it private.

Tina Strong is also call Mrs. Strong and Strong is her Married Name and in the show she keeps her Maiden name private but I know her maiden name because I created Tina Strong.

 Tina Strong can throw 1 thousand punches in a minute with out complaining she can also 999 push ups in sets and she adds up to 999. Tina can also chest press 99
pounds and she can leg press 1,000 pounds. She can left 99 pound dun bells.

Tina Strong is a high 9 th degree black belt in Mixed martial arts. Tina can also do 1,000 squats with out complaining.

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